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This is (most probably) my last tumblr post.

I’m leaving because I cannot cope any longer with the sheer idiocy I’m constantly exposed to.

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good guy hadley

Can I just ask exactly what you mean by ‘good guy Hadley’? And are you the person/friends with the person/have permission from the person in this photo to use this picture?


good guy hadley

Can I just ask exactly what you mean by ‘good guy Hadley’? And are you the person/friends with the person/have permission from the person in this photo to use this picture?

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Just going to be the voice of reason and probably become a hate figure on Tumblr but I really couldn’t give a crap because this is starting to bug the hell out of me.

So all I’m doing is casually searching tags of people I’m interested in, seeing if there is anything interesting and BAM! I come across some actual disturbing posts by ‘fangirls.’ That is a term I use loosely because I think it’s gotten a bit out of control. Now, I consider myself a ‘fangirl’ but I wouldn’t also consider myself insane.

I get that Tumblr is full of hormonal, excitable young people but that is no excuse to start acting like a rabid dog on heat and putting it all over the internet. Some of the stuff I have read about people (specifically West End actors) has made me feel a bit sick. Not because it particularly surprises me, but because I am shocked at the lack of respect and complete idiocy of people who think the internet is totally anonymous and that it doesn’t matter.


I’m sorry but the last thing you want to come across is some random teenager telling the entirety of the internet what they want to do to you in detail, or how they made a voodoo doll of you and put it in their schoolbag or wear a tshirt with your face on it or make you on the Sims and marry you and have babies with you or whatever. Not only will it freak them out, but there are others who just do not want to hear it and quite frankly don’t care. If you want to have a weird little obsession then that is just dandy but please do not subject the rest of us to it.

I know I’ll get a heap of replies going “Oh well if you don’t like it then you don’t have to read it,” but I DO. Because I scroll through a tag and for days, this crap is all I see. So unless its a worthwhile post of actual interest then don’t bother. Tumblr is for sharing things that are interesting; if you want to vent your estrogen, get a journal.

I’m not really bothered if this offends people, because quite frankly it will be the ones who post this who actually take offence. And that’s great. Because your stuff offends me.

(P.S: I’ve tagged the most offending tags…sadly is basically the entire last cast of Les Mis)

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eppiesue Asked:
Theatre performers and performances you wish you'd seen on stage or want to see on stage one day...?

Ooh! Well this is a difficult one because there are so many!

For starters, I would absolutely love to see Hadley Fraser as Valjean or the Phantom. He is probably my favourite male performer of all time, and after seeing his Javert I am very curious to see how he would play Valjean. Similarly, the Phantom. He took a lot of flack when he played both Raoul and Javert so I would like to see him given the chance to play the ‘contrasting’ role, almost?
Also I think his voice would be perfect in both roles!

Rosalie Craig…I wish I could have seen her as Arwen in the LOTR musical and as Marta in Company.

Laura Michelle Kelly…would love to have seen her as Galadriel in LOTR musical and Mary Poppins.

Finally, Nancy Sullivan and David Thaxton in Les Mis. After having the privilege of working and being taught by these two amazingly talented people, I’d have loved to see them in this show; the way they understand and appreciate the entire text and point of Les Mis makes them so much more appealing to watch to me. I would have loved to see them now, knowing how much they put into their characters and the story; unlike many performers I have seen, they didn’t just play their parts superficially.

And that’s about it. I’m sure there are many more but I could go on and on for hours so these are the most important ones!

Ask me anything Thu, Sep. 13, 2012
16heldsuchbetterdays Asked:
if you were a milkshake what flavour would you be

Probably vanilla, because I am pretty on the fence and plain about everything. Also because vanilla is a flavour everyone is a bit here nor there about, a bit like me.

ask me anything because i am so bored at work i may fall asleep

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been on a long hiatus cause ive been busy.

had an amazing time at w1 workshops run by nancy sullivan and david thaxton. met some of the most amazing, lovely talented people and i feel absolutely honoured to have been part of such a fantastic week. cannot wait for the next one!

ive been off tumblr so long and now i have no idea how to work it send help

I love this photo from last night!!

I love this photo from last night!!

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call me sad but I think it’s so cute that Hadley always uses Rosie’s guitar.
(The red Takamine for anyone who’s interested)

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